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Beautiful, refreshing, wonderful and touching are the words that I will use to describe the movie. Coming out of the stereotypical gay movies, this movie deals with some of the most practical challenges one has in life, be it gay or straight. Most importantly it talks about importance of family, the sacrifices you make for them and how things can be made to work if you really love and respect the people around you.

Zack lives with his sister Jeanie and nephew Cody whom he loves more than anything. He was forced to give up his dream of art school and support his sister (whose husband left her). He genuinely loves Cody and wants everything best for him. But life has something else in store for him. Zack’s best friend Gabe’s older brother Shaun comes to town. They start hanging out together because both of them are crazy about surfing. Zack is struggling to keep his relationship with his girlfriend Tory. During this time Zack and Shaun start building relationship. Zack is confused and is torn between hat he wants in life versus what he should do as his responsibilities. He genuinely cares and loves Shaun but is afraid to do anything because it would mean shying away from his responsibilities towards Jeanie and Cody. Meanwhile it is shown how he is trying to best to keep everything in place. Gabe finds out about Shaun and Zack and is completely supportive of it. But Zack can’t handle it anymore. He freaks out and breaks up. But he is restless. Meanwhile Shaun applies in the art school for Zack and he gets in. This time he genuinely wants to go but he cannot. Jeanie wants to move to Portland with her boyfriend who does not want Cody. Zack is ready to live with Cody but only if Jeanie agrees that they would be living with Shaun. They promise to make things work between them. Things end well.

The story seems simple but the way it is directed is beautiful. The way Zack is struggling to balance between his aspirations and responsibilities is amazing. It kind of reminded me to a level of my personal life. I respect the fact that Zack wanted everything best for COdy and the way he reacts when Jeanie’s boyfriend snubs at Cody. One more thing that I admired was when Gabe says that he will still be best buddies with Zack irrespective of whatever.

Small things can make a movie a wonder to watch. Go for it. Definitely. (8/10)

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