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Segunda Piel (Spanish) [Second Skin]

This movie talks about confusions, indecisiveness and the fact that you cannot be the one who you want to be. You have seen many triangle love stories but this one comes with a difference.

Elena and Alberto are married and have a cute son Adrian. At some point in the relationship, Elena and Alberto are drifting apart but they dont know why. Alberto keeps telling Elena that he loves her very much. On the other hand, he is also cheating on her with Diego, a doctor. Elena suspects that Alberto is cheating but doesn’t realize until later that its with a man. Meanwhile, Alberto is not very comfortable with Diego in public. He is apprehensive of the whole thing. He keeps moving between his wife and Diego. He wants both but cannot accept both. Elena moves out to her mother for she needs time to think. Alberto swears that he will not see him again. But he cannot stop himself because he really likes Diego as well. in a shocking climax when Diego confronts him of what and whom he actually wants, Alberto tells him how he could never do what he wanted to do. Even his work he is doing just because he was expected to do. In a fit of rage , he leaves the house and dies in an accident. The film ends showing that Elena and Diego are trying to cope up with their loss and try to be friends.

Alberto’s character is shown very confusing and unable to decide what he wants. On the other hand, whats not very clear is why does Diego keep putting up with all Alberto’s shit. Alberto treats him badly so many times but he still puts up with it. Whatever happened to self respect. Performance wise everyone was good. Elena was specially good. and Adrian, the little bundle of joy was very cute.

You can see it for there can be so many ways in which life can make a change for you. (6.5/10)

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