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Saturday Night at the Baths

As interesting as the title sounds, how I wished the movie was half as interesting. It had a weak plot, strictly okay performances and uninteresting going on.

Set in 70s the movie starts with a musician Michael who has just moved to NY with his girlfriend Tracy from Montana. After seeing various ads in he newspaper and after his initial inhibitions he decided to interview in a bathhouse for playing piano. He gets the job but makes very clear to his manager Scotti that he is straight and he is fine with it. Michael is shown overwhelmed with the whole bath house environment. He comes back home and tells Tracy how Scotti tried to hit on him. Tracy did not find anything odd. In fact they both later in the day go to party where Scotti had invited them. She likes him and they hit off instantly. The friendship of all 3 starts growing but Michael is somewhere just uncomfortable with the whole thing. Maybe because he is closeted. Who knows!! Anyways, finally its time for Michael’s first performance for audience on a saturday night and it goes very well. After a heavy night , Michael ends up going with Scotti to his place and they end up kissing. Michael comes back home and on Tracy’s asking tells her everything. The movie then just abruptly ends with Tracy saying that whether this changes anything between them and Michael says He hopes not. Thats it. And I was like, What the f***?

Like I said, the story and the plot were half baked. I still don’t know what was the whole idea. It was as if they just wanted a slice of someone’s life but even then there has to be a start and an end to any slice. That was completely missing. There were forced scenes from the whole Saturday night at baths celebration.

Not my cup of tea. (3.5/10)

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