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Pusong Mamon (Filipino) [Soft Hearts]

A refreshingly funny and heartwarming story about a gay couple and how their life changes after one incident forms the crux of the story. Its not entirely comical but the situations have been handled in alight way so thaw the viewer doesn’t feel too pressured.

One night at a party Annie gets Ron high on drinks and makes out with him. Next day Ron asks her to forget that anything ever happened. But soon Annie becomes pregnant and asks Ron to marry him. He says he cannot since ha has a partner Nick. She doesn’t believe even after Ron introduces Nick to Annie. Few days later she unabashedly walks in their house saying that she cannot take charge of baby alone and Ron needs to support (all this while she thinks she can have Ron). Both don’t like the idea but they have to give in. Here starts all kinds of funny situations in the family with both Nick and Annie trying to get Ron’s attention. How Nick’s insecurities come in his way. Annie and Nick who initially don’t get along at all, end up becoming good friends. The baby is born and they are all happy because Annie has accepted that Ron is just Nick’s. They both later convince ANnie to marry another guy and also in the climax we see Ron coming out to everyone at work and his family. Alls well that ends well.

The film was of very high quality production. I thought ROn’s and Nicks acting was very natural as if you were seeing someone for real. It never felt as of they were acting. Annie was irritating at lots of places but ok. I never thought Filipino guys could be cute but I thought both Ron and Nick were cute and made a very good couple. Two scenes when Nick’s sad and other when Annie is leaving left impact on my heart.

You should definitely watch it. Good clean cinema. (7/10)

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