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Prom Queen : The Mark Hall Story (Canada)

My second time watching this movie and I must admit that it was equally exciting to watch it again. This one apparently is based on a true story that happened in Canada. If thats true then I have to really salute Mark Hall for all his courage.

In a fictional small town live Mark Hall, a happy go lucky teenage kid who is popular in school and who has managed to avoid the typical harassment a gay kid in a small town would expect to face. It’s the time for school prom and he wants to being his boyfriend with him, but the catholic school dismisses it saying it is against catholic and religious rules. He has best friend like Carly who supports him throughout and even says that she wont attend prom if he cannot . Carly’s boyfriend is in with her to support and does his best what he can for Mark. At this stage Mark decided to come out to his family who surprisingly he finds out have always known. Hence start the fight against the school officials to allow Mark to attend the prom. The story becomes talk of the town and a gay activist lawyer helps to support his case in court. Marc agrees to challenge the school/church stance. Even though all of us know what would be the result but the way n which Mark presents his case is very touching. His boyfriend Jason gets frustrated at one point because suddenly from being no one he is being recognized by each and every one and he just wants to be normal. BUt the love between the two is so strong that they are always together. Ultimately Mark Hall does go to the prom.

My favorite scene is the climax when Mark’s dad tells him that any father would be proud to have a son like him. This especially makes sense in the movie because they have shown how MArk’s father had always been in short of words to say anything to Mark. Mark’s mother is shown very courageous and all supportive of his son. The school scenes are comic and interesting and acting was all decent. Mark has been portrayed with such cuteness, innocence and freshness. I particularly found his boyfriend Jason very cute.

You should definitely see this movie. It just might remind you of your days when you had a few challenges on your life just because you were gay. (7/10)

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