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Pianese Nunzio (Italian) [Sacred Silence]

It is not even worth reviewing this film simply for the fact that 10 minutes into the movie and I Was so bored that I ended up fast forwarding the movie and finished it in about 30 minutes. I am just going to put up the brief story of the movie and the whole idea is for me to remember that I did the mistake of seeing the film.

In Naples a priest begins a campaign against the Camorra. He’s particularly vulnerable in that he has a “relationship” with 13-year-old Nunzio an alter boy, semi orphan and talented singer. The priest in this film is both a hero in his fight against the Camorro and a villain in his abuse or molestation of Nunzio. Lest the priest be too sympathetic a character there is Gigi an older boy who apparently was the priest’s last protégé who appears at the beginning of the film and complains that the priest doesn’t seem to have time for him anymore. `Things change’ he’s told. The audience is left to judge for themselves as the priest seems to harbor no guilt about his actions and the boy says that he enjoyed the affection.

I really am in no position to comment on the performances or anything. WIll just stick my personal grade. (1/10)

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