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My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend

I had no idea what this was about before I started to watch it. It was funny in bits and pieces and as an overall impact, the film was strictly ok. It felt a more like an amateurish comedy where the characters tried hard to make you laugh. It sometimes fell flat specially when Jake keeps tripping all over the place in the entire movie. More on that later.

Liberty shows up with her date Jake for her best friend’s Cory sudden planned wedding. Incidentally the groom Cliff ( an actor by profession) is gay (we find out later) whose partner Wes has been forced to be the best man. Cliff is getting married because of professional reasons. Because of some misunderstanding, everyone thinks that Jake is gay and likes Wes whereas the truth is hidden by all. Here starts the comic moments in the film whereas one confusion leads to another and how to save Cliff and Wes being exposed, Jake helps them out because he himself needs to get out of the place for his interview but he cannot let Liberty know about this. Enters Melissa, a photographer who wanted some scoop about Cliff’s wedding but ends up getting a picture of CLiff and Wes making out. Jake falls for her and convinces her to not do that. In turn he asks her to get some exclusive wedding pictures. After a series of twists , turns and comic moments, the wedding is canceled. Cory figures out about CLiff but requests Wes to not let CLiff know that she knows.

Movie was funny in bits and parts like I said before. Filmed with very low budget I guess, it had decent acting . I liked Liberty who rightly portrayed her character of a girl who likes to dominate men in relationship. Funniest was Cory’s mother who tries and seduce Jake every time they are together.

It wont hurt you or bore you to see the movie but it would neither be in my must watch movie list either. (5/10)

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