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Murder In Portland

A horrible acted, directed, scripted film which could have done much better with a tight screenplay and good acting. A suspense film which has nothing new to offer.

18 year old Mike, runs away form his home after his baptist minister father finds he is gay. He goes to Olympia, WA. There he meets Grant , a store owner whose partner is David in business. Mike gets a job in the store and Grant and him become lovers. Meanwhile David goes to Portland where he is murdered along with another guy. Here starts the investigation. A detective is sent as undercover in the gay area to act gay and find out more details. He does all bar hoping, hooks up and finds out all details. Ultimately it turns out hat the minister is the killer because he confused David to be Grant (his son’s lover). Afterwards a psychiatrist session reveals that Mike was able to talk until he was 4 but then he saw his dad murder his mom when he was naked with another woman. The minister is charged and Grant and Mike get a civil union.

You must have seen how shoddingly those scenes were done. From tons of love making nude skin show (which was absolutely unnecessary). The acting was horrendous and so was direction. This movie could have as well been made by a 15 year old kid. The sound quality was poor. Just about everything about the film was amateurish. The way the unercover cop tries to find truth, the scene where minister is arrested, how the cop realizes he is gay etc., almost everything is BAD.

Avoid it completely, unless you are like who has to watch any and every movie. (3/10)

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