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Mr. Smith Gets a Hustler

Whether I like this movie or not is a different question, the answer to which you will find out towards the end; but what I would like to admit that the plot had interesting twists and turns to it. Unlike the name , the film is actually not bad.

Bobby is a hustler who supports his dysfunctional mother Sheila. He works for a pimp in a bar through whom he gets his clients. Abe a black guy owes $6k to the pimp because his girlfriend flushed all the drugs that he was supposed to sell. The pimp suggests Abe to take up hustling t pay him off. One day a strange guy named Mr Smith comes and gets Bobby. They don’t do anything in the hotel and Bobby gets paid. You feel that this is another one film where client falls in love in hustler but I was wrong. A few other times Mr Smith takes Bobby to basketball games and general hanging out. Bobby is confused as to whats going on but goes with it. On the other hand, Abe goes to this guy , a detective , who is looking for Mr Smith and tells Abe that he will get paid good if he can find him where Mr Smith is. Bobby gets comfortable with Mr Smith and they plan to go away from this bad world of hustling. You are still wondering why but then the twist comes that Bobby is Mr Smith’s son. Meanwhile, the detective finds out about Mr Smith and kills him. Bobby is so distressed by the whole thing that he deices to pack his bags and leave for good.

The story is simple but interesting. My only problem was very low production values. It looked like an amateur’s work. Had it been handled more maturely with more budget, it would have been a different ball game altogether. A little more research would have made the film very interesting. Bobby was very cute but had a weird accent.

All in all, you can watch this independent movie for it has something new story to offer. (6/10)

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