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Mandragora (Czech Republic – Czech)

If you read the synopsis of this movie, it sounds interesting but personally it did not do it for me. There were 2 things that I was not comfortable. It was too dark and after a while I thought it was just being stretched.

Mark, a 15 year old village guy runs from him home after his father forces him to go to school. When he reaches Prague, he is followed by a pimp, Honza. Since Mark runs out of money, Honza convinces him to be his rabbit, a male prostitute. His first assignment leaves him beaten and bruised and then he meets a fellow hustler David. Together they form a team, get Hona to prison and start a successful prostitution racket. Hereon the film stats with characters coming in and out and how it affects their life. Each time the life gives them scars that grow more visible as does the threat of drug problems and AIDS. They eventually consent to embrace the lowest level of making gay porn where the cruel director forces Marek to be sodomized by David. They are raided by the police and Honza reappears as Marek’s nemesis. Mark by this stage is very hallucinated with drugs. Meanwhile his father when realizes what mark would have gotten into comes to Prague looking for him but just passes Mark without realizing how he had drugged and bled himself to death in a toilet stall on the railway platform.

This film is dark, frank, cruel, realistic, and sweats with the evil of the belly of the beast that is Prague’s underworld.It is actually too realistic and at one point you dont even want to know all that because its too much to handle. The film will find the audiene but how I wished that this film could have been trimmed out and edited better.

Go for it if you like dark, depressing movies. (4/10)

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