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Manay Po 2: Overload (Filipino)

I was so thrilled when I saw that there is a sequel coming to Manay Po. Having loved the first film, I definitely wanted to see the sequel. And I must admit that I was not disappointed.

The film continues with the life of Luz, her boyfriend Gerry and her 3 sons Oscar, Orson and Orwell. The part 1 ended with Oscar and Adrian getting married. So now they live happily and Oscar and Adrian decide to have a baby. They hire a babymaker Bette and life is not the same. Bette is a weird girl who is doing this just so that she can make some good money. She along-with her boyfriend had tried to rob Luz and Gerry once. But Luz can’t remember this. There are a whole bunch of hilarious sequences involving the entire family with Bette. On side stories, Orwell is shown struggling n his school with his sexuality and also the fact that how he is different from his brothers. He is not queeny, does not want to put makeup or put on a gown . Rather he is the school swimming champion. His flamboyant friend is total fun. Orson still is in love with Marky but he is finally getting married to his girlfriend. Orson sees another guy who has lost his memory, he takes care of him and manages to fool him for his boyfriend. BUt the guy gets his memory back, thank Orson for taking care of him and not forcing anything. The film ends with a bunch of hilarious sequences.

I totally loved this movie as much as I did part 1. All characters were in their original roles and did their part well. It is still so difficult for me to decide who’s my favorite. Luz is the funniest . Also their maid is funny. And of course most of the men are very good looking.

Please see this movie and you will not stop laughing. (7/10)

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