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Love Life (2006)

Another one of those movies, which have a good script but then probably they are not the best to adapt in a full length feature film. I would say that the subject would have been good for a short feature or even a play but here was nothing much to show in terms of a full length film. Though I would repeat that premise and story had potential in it.

Joe, a former professional baseball player is married to Mary for convenience. Both are in denial of their sexuality plus both need this marriage. Joe for professional reasons and Mary, so that she does not have to bear the brunt of her mother. The home they live is shown very weird with everything covered with plastic. I still don’t understand what was the whole idea behind it. Anyways, Mary’s best friend Aura is visiting them who happens to be a lesbian and in college days Mary and Aura had a thing for each other. Meanwhile Joe gets involved in extra marital affair with Thomas, a guy whom he called for estimation of his backyard work. Mary gets paranoid when she learns about it because she desperately needs this marriage. On the other hand when Aura and Mary realize they love each other, Aura asks her to leave everything to be with her but Mary refuses because of odd reasons. Ultimately Mary realizes that everyone needs to be happy in life and just pretending to be happy by being someone she is not is neither helping her nor Joe. Ultimately Joe gets with Thomas and Aura and Mary are together.

There was not drama or anything in the movie. Simple movie, very basic characters and minimal stress. Thats the reason I say there was more potential in making it a short feature.

OK movie. My ratings are more for story potential rather than the film itself. (5.5/10)

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