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Los Novios Búlgaros (Spanish/Bulgarian) [Bulgarian Lovers]

A different movie that I have seen in the gay genre was refreshing since it told a story something new for me. Talking about the influx of Eastern European men in Spain, this film talks about various issues that deals with the whole thing.

Daniel, a very well off settled architect is a part of wild and promiscuous queeny gay guys in Madrid. The infiltrators from Europe who are all sexy have spiced up their sex life because they are ready for sex with men in return for meal or roof over their head. Daniel is on the lookout for the perfect man: Handsome, muscular, hairy and hung. He finds him in the Bulgarian, Kyril. Kyril has a fiance, Kalina. But Daniel gets so involved with Daniel that he could care less. He takes care of his food, clothes, money etc. Kyril’s desire for money and then more money leads him to engage in a number of shady deals including help from Daniel to fix his papers. We all realize that Kyril will do something bad and Daniel will get affected. Matters change when Kalina shows up and she also starts living with them. After sometime they go back to BUlgaria for the wedding. Nothing exciting there. At some point Kyril does something so bad, goes to jail that Daniel ends his relationship with Kyril. But not for long. Several weeks later, bereft, Daniel locates Kyril once again. He loans Kyril a large amount of money and tells him to leave the country. The only caveat is that Daniel asks Kyril to call him “once in a while.” Kyril never does, of course.

What was the whole message of the film is a bot unclear. BUt still it was different. Daniel’s and Kyril’s relationship is fine.

It is for an ok viewing. Nothing great but its different. (5/10)

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