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L’homme que j’aime (French) [The Man I Love]

5 minutes in the movie and I knew I had seen it but did not remember much of it. Half way into the movie and I remembered that I liked the movie. Almost to the end and I realized that it s a wonderful movie about finding true love, fighting against all odds and how you can get someone you really love.

Martin and Lucas work at the same swimming pool. Martin immediately fancy for Lucas as soon as he sees him. He tells Lucas about that but unfortunately finds out that Lucas lives with his girlfriend Lise. Nonetheless, Martin tries to keep friendship between them going with occasional flirting with Lucas. Lucas initially gets mad and tries to buzz Martin off but after that he also starts enjoying the attention. He starts to realize that Martin truly loves him. Lucas at his end is confused about whats going on. He likes his girlfriend but cant stop thinking of all things that Martin tells him and flirts with him. He tries to fight his feelings. One day he finds out that Matin is HIV+ and is not going to live too long. Thats the moment when Lucas decides that he can no longer ignore his liking and love for Martin and he has to go for it. After a bitter breakup with his girlfriend he moves in with Martin. They make love, take care of each other. Martin always loved Lucas and now he gets that love back in return. WIth just few more days with Martin, they decide to get married. Martin before dying asks Lucas to love him forever.

Wonderful acting and a very heart touching story. Martin’s character is very loving and very outgoing. Even though he is sick , he wants to make the best of his remaining time and wants to die knowing that there is someone who truly loved him. Lucas did his part well with he confusion and everything. The subtle love talks between the 2 characters was very touching. I somehow t most of the points could identify about wanting true love in life an dhow it is important.

Must see for all movie lovers. (7.5/10)

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