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L’Ennemi Naturel (French) [Natural Enemy]

I was again tricked into watching a movie which had absolutely nothing to do with gay themed. Agreed that in the last scene they show the protagonist confused about his sexuality but apart from that there was nothing in the movie, gay or straight.

Inspector Luhel comes to a town to investigate murder of a teenage boy named Richard. His mom thinks that her ex-husband Tanguy (Richard’s father) has murdered him. Richard’s body was found in water next to the beach. Luhel begins his investigation in the weirdest of manners. He talks to all kind of people and also to Tanguy who now lives with his current wife. Their daughter Adele lives with her aunt. During his investigation Luhel is shown to have strange behavior and also the fact that he is confused about something and so he cannot concentrate on his wife Nathalie and new born baby. Meanwhile, Tanguy is the man with a huge sexual appetite and he wants to sleep with every woman in the town. Luhel in his course of investigation finds that Tanguy was abusing his daughter Adele and maybe Richard found that out and so Tanguy killed him. He talks to Adele but she refuses to say anything. Tanguy hearing all this attempts suicide and thats when Adele tells Luhel that Adele and Richard were having an affair and one night when Richard tells her they should not see each other because it is unnatural. Adele gets angry and hits Richard on head which leads to his accidental death. Everything is sorted and towards the end they show that Luhel is having sexual feelings for Tanguy whom he cant get. The movie just ends there.

The film was big disappointment. The only good thing is Few nude shots of Tanguy who is hung like horse. Even content wise, movie had nothing to offer. The whole investigation seemed so amateurish.

Easily a skip. Forget nothing to do with the gay theme, even otherwise the movie has nothing to offer. (2/10)

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