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Latin Boys Go To Hell

Its been a long time since I saw a movie but probably this was not a good choice to start back with. Its one of the most inane, boring, senseless gay movies I have seen. I am still trying to figure out what was the correlation between the title and the actual movie.

This indie movie is based around a Latin guy called Justin who is gay. His cousin Angel comes to live with him. Justin instantly falls in love with Angel and he knows about it but Angel just sees Justin as a very good friend. In the meantime, Angel meets this girl Andrea and they start seeing each other. Andrea has a very possessive friend Braulio who is going out with a hot model Carlos. But Carlos is a player who is over Braulio. He tries to come on to Justin in the bar and since Justin is feeling low because Angel is hanging out with Andrea, he decides to play along with Carlos. A series of events later, Braulio becomes psychotic and ends up killing Carlos, Andrea and Angel in a bizarre turn of events.

Overall, made I think on a very low budget, the acting was strictly just ok. No great shakes by anyone. Justin was the only cute guy. They had a few shots of naked ass and thats about it. No focus on Latin life style or anything. It was just a story of ll characters who happened to be Latin. The cover page guy is one who played Carlos.

You could definitely skip this one and rather repeat one of the other good movies. (3.5/10)

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