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La Meilleure facon de marcher (French) [The Best Way To Walk]

I was actually surprised to see all kinds of good reviews for this movie. For me, this movie did absolutely nothing. There were a lot of things which were not clear at least to me.

The film is set in France in 70s in a boys scout. Marc and Phillppe are 2 of the few instructors at the camp. One night Marc sees Phillipe trying to dress up as a woman. Right after that he humiliates him at every point in the camp in front of students, other instructors etc. Phillipe tries to be friend with Marc but o avail. There are instances where one thinks that maybe Phillipe is actually gay and has feelings for Marc but thats not shown very clearly anywhere. Marc’s humiliation goes on and on with Phillipe being his punching bag. Towards the end of the camp when there is a costume party, Phillipe comes dressed as woman and takes punches at Marc for dancing with him. Ultimately Phillipe ends up humiliating Marc that night. In the meantime there is also Phillipe’s girlfriend Chantal, but there is noting much to do with her role. In the end they show how Marc (now a real estate agent) meet Phillipe (a respectable guy in society) and they behave as if nothing has happened between them.

So thats what the movie is!! I did not find it a bit exciting. I mean it might remind you of a few instances from your childhood when kids poke fun at each other for not playing sports etc. Dealing with your inner fears and not letting anyone else take advantage of that fact is basically what the crux of this movie is. And yes, this is nothing to do with the fact that this film had nothing to do with the gay theme or maybe it was but never clearly shown.

People seemed to have liked the movie but it was definitely not my cup of tea. (3/10)

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