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Kiss The Bride

I am so glad I watched this movie. This definitely cheered me up after a terrible workday. There is nothing extra ordinary about this movie but the way few scenes are handled is good. Maybe I am a sucker for romantic comedies and I just love my moments in the film.

Matt is a publisher in a gay magazine in SF. One day he sees a wedding invitation of Ryan and Alex. He remembers Ryan as his first lover in his hometown and his best friend. He thinks Alex is a by until he sees the picture of a girl. He decided to go his town because he thinks he should save Ryan from doing the horrible mistake of marrying just for society’s sake even though he is gay. Matt goes back to his town and meets Ryan and Alex. Alex and Matt hit off very well with each other and instantly have a liking. Meanwhile Matt also tries to talk to Ryan about them and how thinks would have been different. Ryan blames Matt for leaving the town 10 years ago and not being in touch and now he cannot expect Ryan to just run away from the wedding. Matt tries his best to convince Ryan but he loves Alex. The night before wedding Matt decided to leave but an emotional Ryan ends up kissing Matt. Alex sees all this and asks Ryan to figure out what he wants. It turns out that Alex had invited Matt for the wedding because she could see how Ryan kept talking about him and she wanted him to be clear in his mind before he does anything. Matt and Ryan try to sleep but just cant. They have grown up to become friends and Matt realizes that he was still just infatuated with Ryan. They have long grown and can just be friends. Things are all sorted in the end. On his wedding Ryan tells everyone how Matt was his first lover but now he only loves Alex. Alex then asks just for a commitment and not marriage. I think the movie’s name comes from the fact that Matt ends up kissing Alex one night when they are drunk.

Matt and Ryan were both super hot. Their kissing scene was hot too. I personally liked the way Alex’s character was built in the whole movie. The entire small town setting was also something that I really liked. Other supporting characters were also funny including Ryan’s parents and in laws. The last scene for me was the most touching when Ryan’s mother tells Matt to keep visiting beacuse its not just Ryan but she as well who misses him.

A wonderful chick flick but I never said I am not a sucker for them. (7.5/10)

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