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In The Gloaming

Finally a good heart warming film after a series of inconsequential films. This film was so beautiful yet simple, so effective yet not melodramatic, slow yet surreal that you feel for the characters. The film mostly revolves around Danny and his mother but thats not it.

The movie starts with Danny coming back after few years in the beautiful locales of New England. Its not very clear why is he back home to the viewer but everyone in the home seems to know. We find out soon. He has AIDS and wants to spend his last few months with his folks. His dad, mother and sister live independent lives until Danny comes in. Hence starts the process of mother trying to know everything about his son and him trying to know about his mother. The film primarily focuses on this aspect but it is so heart wrenching. This is pretty much what the story is about. But just the whole screenplay if this beautiful short story is marvelous. There are few scenes I would like to mention. The scene where the nurse tries to literally teach Danny’s mother how to take care of him. She says “Touch Him”. All scenes where Danny tells his mom about Paul , his lover. My favorite is the last scene where Danny’s father who was never forthright is showing his love for his scene breaks down in the end and asks his wife to tell him what all did his son like. That screen just melt my heart.

The movie is neither about AIDS or dying, rather its about healing and going home to universe. It takes place in the fall, when Summer transitions to Winter; the primary action occurs at sunset when the day transitions into night; and the story itself depicts a human being transitioning from one state of life into the next. Gloaming is the word used to describe a articular weather situation in Scotland.

Definitely a watch, if you are one of me. (7/10)

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