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In Extremis (French) [To The Extreme]

A waste of time is how this movie can be summarized. Only if the setting of the movie was more realistic and had they not portrayed the movie for gays, this would have been an otherwise touching emotional story.

Thomas, a bisexual man sleeps with both sexes. He has 2 lovers. Caroline who has a son Gregory whom Thomas loves as his own son and a guy called Vincent. Caroline dies one day in an accident. Gregory wants Thomas to be his guardian but that is not possible because of the law. Even with the aid of his prostitute sister Anne he is unable to keep the disappointed Gregory from being sent to a prison-like orphanage. Eventually Thomas’ devotion towards Greg helps him to let Greg escape from the orphanage and live with him in his ancestral home in Ibiza. All’s well in the end and they live together.

The movie was very boring for me primarily because the photography was so bad. Hardly anything in the movie was visible. It was all so dark. Plus the story just wont move. The movie was digressed from the main plot and did not concentrate on the main issues. After watching it for half an hour , I had to fast forward the movie and just finish it.

Please don’t waste your time. (1.5/10)

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