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Huhwihaji anha (Korean) [No Regret]

One of the very good films I have seen in recent times. I had no idea Korean cinema could be this good and effective yet soulful. The way the situation, history and interactions between the two individuals is shown is brilliant. It seems so natural and human unlike most other films where human emotions seem more superficial.

Su-min is orphan and gay. He wants to make lots of money and go to college. He lives with his friend who works with him. Su-min works in a factory during the day and works as a call in driver during evenings. One such evening he is called by Jae-min to be dropped off to his building. Jae-min invites Su-min to come inside his apartment but Su-min refuses and asks him to not call for him again. Meanwhile lay offs start in the factory and Su-min also gets laid off. He realizes that Jae-min is the owner of the factory and he might have been responsible for this. But Jae-min tries and gets him back but Su-min refuses. Desperate for money and with no job, Su-min starts working as a prostitute and soon is doing pretty well for himself. One day Jae-min shows up there and after seeing Su-min asks for him. Su-min has no choice but to go with him. they have sex but Su-min feels completely disgusted and he tells Jae-min never to get back to him or else he will kill him. By this time we realize that Jae-min is falling for Su-min but there is something why Su-min doesn’t like him. Things change and finally Su-min changes his mind and soon they both are a couple. We then find out that Jae-min is engaged to be married to a girl. His parents know he is gay but still want him to get married for social and political reasons. He starts ignoring Su-min. This is when Su-min gets really desperate. The exact reason that he was running away from relationship was the fact that he doesn’t want to be heart broken and this is what was exactly happening. He cries, pleads with Jae-min but to no luck. Jae-min still loves him but he cannot do anything. Finally when the time comes and Jae-min realizes it is too late and by then Su-min has already decided to do something. What comes ahead just chocks the viewers. You realize how much Su-min would have loved Jae-min to take this extreme step. This is the first gay movie with a sad ending (well, I am not really sure of that). But I think the climax was perfectly justified.

The first half of the movie was superb. It was slow but with all the characters being built, it was necessary. The second half could have been better but like the title of the movie, I have no regrets. Su-min was superb. I never thought Asian guys are cute but I have to say that Su-min was pretty cute. Plus he acted so good. He depicted carefree nature, ambition, pain and agony in the best possible way. Jae-min was good too. Supporting characters were ok. The film is dark in most places but it goes with the mood.

Definitely a must watch. (8/10)

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