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Hildes Reise (Switzerland – Swiss German) [Hilde’s Journey]

An emotional journey of a dead guy’s 2 lovers who are on their way to throw his ashes in the sea. The movie is full of emotion moments but the relatively lower production quality dilute the impact to an extent.

Steff, a carpenter wants to do some business on his own but cannot get a loan because e has low credit scores. He is frustrated by this. He one day reads in newspaper about death of Martin Hilder, son of a wealthy industrialist German family, who happened to be his lover of 3 years. Martin’s family has always denied his sexual preference even to the extent that they declare his cause of death to be cancer whereas reality is he died of Aids. The funeral is also attended by Rex and Gina, friends of Hilde (thats what they called Martin) who leave the ceremony in a rage because of this. Later when Martin’s will is read, he his left his flat and estate for Steff and has also desired to be crated and ashes be thrown in sea. Martin’s family bargains with Steff and prpose to give him money and forget about the whole cremation thing. Steff needs money so he agrees. But Rex is angry and he steals the urn of Martin. Steff finds out but joins Rex hoping to get an opportunity to steal the urn. What follows is the journey of Hilde with Steff, his ex lover and Rex, the guy who was with him in his last days. With ups and down we find out about their pasts and relationship with Hilde. Steff changes his mind towards end when he realizes that Martin truly loved him and no amount of money can replace that. They throw his ashes in the river and Martin’s family puts a fake urn to resect their family honor.

The movie was a little slow but considering the subject and content it was done well. Acting was good by the lead characters. The relationship between Rex and Martin (was he lover or just caretaker) and why Steff and Martin broke up is not really clarified although hints are given.

A subtle touching story which has its few moments. (5.5/10)

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