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Green Plaid Shirt

So what was this film about? We have seen various films who deal with the whole gay life style including the Aids epidemic but ws there anything special about this movie? Unfortunately, NO.

Guy and Philip meet at a garage sale where both of them try to buy a plaid green shirt which either one of them is shown wearing at different points in the movie. They soon get together and develop a relationship. They share an open relationship wherein they can have sex with outsiders but cannot fall in love. Jerry and Devon are Philip’s best friend who are with the couple most of the time. Everything is fine till one day Guy is detected to have Aids. Philip tries to take care of him. Both of them even buy a house together. At the same time, he is also looking for opening his own business. Things get harder. Meanwhile Guy meets someone else and moves out of the house but soon he realizes that his true love was with Philip. At the same time it is shown how Jerry and Deven are both HIV+ and are dealing with life crisis. Altogether film just focusses on different points in one’s life. The direction was very different in the way the film kept moving between past present ad future. At one point it became so difficult to keep a track of whats going on. The film could have been better of the narrative was kept simple.

The guys were hot and since the movie was supposed to be in 70s and 80s, everything looked good. The friends Jerry and Deven were shown as how different people can be but still be friends. The scene where Deven commits suicide and Jerry’s boyfriend tries to hit on Philip tells you that how life and death go with each other.

An ok watch which could have been better. The title had absolutely no relevance. (4/10)

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