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Freshman Orientation

A refreshingly comic tale of a guy trying to woo a girl by pretending to be gay; this movie has loads of comic elements which keeps viewers interested all throughout.

The film starts with usual cliches of a young student Clay Adams just joining the college and all he wants is sex. He sees this very pretty blonde girl Amanda and wants to go out with her. But she is kind of with another college guy. Meanwhile Amanda’s fraternity asks all the girls to befriend a guy as per the chit and then dump him after 2 weeks. Amanda gets to date a gay guy. WIth turns of events, Amanda mistakes Clay to be gay and befriends him. Clay admits to being gay because at least that way he gets to spend time with Amanda. Even though his room mate Matt is totally against the idea but Clay goes on. He ends up going t a local gay bar and requests the owner to teach him how to be gay since h has just come out of closet. The sequences that follow are hilarious. One after the other, there are surprises for Amanda, Clay and others including the LGBT group of the college. Although initially all Clay wanted was sex but slowly he starts developing feelings for Amanda. Even she gets feeling for him but since he is gay she dismisses them. After a turn of events, Clay admits to everyone in the college that he pretended to be gay just so that he could get Amanda. She gets pissed hearing everything but of course in the end, they both get together.

Apart from the lead characters, Clay’s roommate Matt, the drunken senior college girl and the frat girl head have superb roles. The scenes between Matt and Clay are very good. A few of them touching too. It could have been one of those mindless college stupid movies but thankfully did not turn out to be so.

Very much recommended for some fun stress-free time watching a movie. (6.5/10)

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