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Forgive and Forget (UK)

An interesting movie from the ENglish side of the world, I believe this movie was made for TV. A decent movie with some decent performances but same cannot be said about the regressive storyline and the way it was handled, is sure a watch.

David and Theo have been best mates since 14 years and they like to hang out together most of the time. Things change when Theo falls in love with Hannah, a photographer. You can see David starting to feel jealous. Theo has no idea about David ‘s feelings but its hard for David to see Theo with Hannah. He tries his best to get their relationship strained which leads to one day Hannah walking out of Theo. Meanwhile in short references we are shown how David’s family is homophobic and how they absolutely dislike gays. So when Theo is heartbroken after Hannah leaves him and asks David,”How can one tell the other person that you truly love them”, David starts thinking. He invites Theo for this TV show called Forgive and forget which is about couple’s talking about each other and other such stuff. Thats where David comes out to his parents that he is gay and also announces his love for Theo. Hereon David’s life becomes miserable because his dad asks him to leave their house for good and when Theo sees David, he is all mad at him because he thinks David always lied to him. Plus he also finds out that it was David behind the reason Hannah left Theo. The movie ends with David show alone suffering.

The movie was ok with some decent performances but there are couple of things which cannot be digested. The parents disapproval and ignorance about homosexuality. Plus why would David come out in public rather than doing something more meaningful? Performance wise, David speaks a lot with his eyes which I like. The guy who played Theo was kinda cute. Hannah’s character was never fully developed because she was shown to dislike David just because he was Theo’s good mate !

A decent watch in your free time. (6/10)

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