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Father Knows

This film is a bitter sweet comedy drama about family, relationships, personal quests over a span of 15 years. Made on a short budget and on a small scale, his film still manages to hold your attention.

The story is told by Brad who has just finished his memoirs and it goes in flashback. Brad is good friends with Ira. Since Brad and his brother lost their father early, Ira’s father George has been a father figure for him as well. On his 18th birthday, Ira comes out to his family and tells that he is gay. Brad is happy and now all he wants is to be with Ira and have a family. George is very understanding and talks to his son about general stuff. Meanwhile, on an exchange program, a young student Mansoor comes from Dubai to live with them. He is the comic relief. He is shown as a horn dog who would be ready to have sex with anyone at all. Ira for a while now is having doubts about his relationship with Brad. He wants to explore and look around more and tells Brad about it. Brad walks out heartbroken. Mansoor on the other hand one day is giving a massage to Ira’s dad George which his wife mistakes to be something else. Ira and his mother stop talking to George and he finds solace in Brad. They start hanging out every week and playing cards. Ira’s mother passes away. Ira then moves to SF. Brad has in the meantime moved on and has a boyfriend now. BUt he still tries to keep touch with George. Brad is now back single and hangs out with George every couple of weeks. Ira on the other hand is into bar scenes, hooking up etc. A surprise visit from his dad makes him realize about how much he missed family etc. He decides to move back with his dad. After spending sometime together, George passes away. Since Brad did not hear anything from George regarding their card games, he visits their home and finds out everything. 2 old best friends, now single find solace and love finally in each other’s arms.

Both guys were hot. It was surprising to find a couple of hard penis shots in the film but it was a good eye candy. Mansoor was good fun. His character was comic and he was good looking too. Overall the movie, I thought was made with good intentions and it worked for me.

You an watch it as a decent popcorn flick. (6/10)

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