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En Kort En Lang (Danish) [Shake It All About]

Another one of those typical gay movies but with a little twist here. Contrary to most movies, here a gay guy suddenly realizes his passion for woman and the trouble starts.

Jacob and Jorgen are a gay couple who have been together for a long time. On his birthday, Jacob asks Jorgen to marry him. Celebrations are on but something happens the same night. Jacob falls in love with Caroline who is not just any girl but is wife of Jorgen’s younger brother Tom. The life suddenly get complicated. Jacob and Caroline both try to fight it but they are helpless as they are very passionate about each other. Jorgen finds out about it and gets devastated. He gets in an accident and loses one eye. Jacob apologizes and ays he will not meet Caroline but Jorgen later finds out that all the time he was in hospital, Caroline and Jacob were sleeping together. He is devastated. They break up. Meanwhile Caroline gets pregnant and she also leaves home. Jacob and Caroline decide to get married. But on the wedding day, Jacob realizes that he still very much loves Jorgen and goes back to him. Caroline is happy because she still loves Tom and they also get together to work things out.

Story is simple and execution is also just ok. Acting wise I did not find anything great about the movie. I am still confused as to how a gay guy can suddenly have sexual feelings for a girl. A few comic moments during the whole story bring a smile but thats about it. The whole climax is very filmy and does not work for me. It is kind of cheesy, to be quite honest.

Overall just a ok timepass movie. Just about average. (5/10)

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