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East Side Story

After a long time , I again saw a funny romantic gay movie that I liked. These are the kind of movies which I prefer watching any time. They make you laugh, feel emotional with the characters and stir that romantic feeling inside you.

Diego is a Latin guy living with his grandma in east LA. He helps his grandma run the Mexican restaurant that she owns. Diego dreams of getting out of LA someday and opening up his own restaurant. He is seeing this closet real estate agent Pablo for over a year. Diego wants to take this relationship further by living in but Pablo is too freaked out to accept reality. They break up. Meanwhile Diego’s aunt Bianca comes in the picture and starts having an affair with Pablo. Oh! did I mention that she is the funniest character in the movie. Meanwhile, a new gay couple movies in the neighborhood and people find out that Diego is gay too. This starts affecting the restaurant business. The gay couple Wesley and Jonathan have a troubled relationship which is evident when Diego says to Wesley that “You are stuck in it and you can’t get out. Accept it.”. Wesley and Diego have obvious feelings for each other but it cannot go anywhere. On the other side when Pablo decided to marry Bianca, Diego tells her the entire truth and she runs away. Jonathan tries all evil things to keep Wesley on his side including insulting Diego whenever possible, which ultimately makes him and Wesley break up. he movie ends in a happy note with the restaurant renovation, doing good business and Diego and Wesley coming together.

Performance wise everyone has done a good job. There were plenty of shirtless scenes to tilt you including a few good kissing scenes. Its unbelievable that a absolute hot guy like Diego has no fiends. He really is very cute. The chemistry between Diego and his grandma is amazing and heart warming.

A definite watch for some cute boys and a romantic comedy love story. (7/10)

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