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Douches Froides (French) [Cold Showers]

Another disappointment. Marketed as a movie primarily for gay audience, this movie has nothing remotely close to being gay except for a few frontal nude shots of men.

The story is of three teenagers: a beautiful girl, Vanessa, and two boys, Mickael and Clement, one rich, one poor. Mickael is judi fanatic and wants to conquer everything. He is good friends with Clement and Vanesaa and the 3 of them are trying to explore sexuality with the burning desire to be best in judo for Mickael. There is no such synopsis for the movie except a lot of training scenes, locker room scenes for judo team and the way Mickael’s parents are dealing with the fact that they have no money. Clement’s parents are the sponsor for the entire tournament. Mickael is supposed o loose 7 kgs to fight under 66 category. He stops eating and practices hard with Clement. One night three of them have a 3some and Vanessa like it. Se wants to do again but somewhere Mickael feels its wrong. The movie does not preach whats right whats wrong. Instead it just shows different faces of different people under different situations.

The movie did not do much for me. Easily a skip. (3/10)

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