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Dorian Blues

15 minutes into the film and I thought Have I seen this film earlier. Surely, I did. But it wasn’t bad to see the film again. ITs the usual coming out kind of movie with bitterness in experiences. I mean it does have funny dialogues and is at time touching. I like the bond between 2 brothers and the chemistry they share.

Dorian is sour on the world that doesn’t understand him. His family consists of a Nixon loving dad, a confused lost mother, and a brother Nicky (hot! hot!) who is everything Dorian isn’t – a jock, a ladies’ man, and a happy-go-lucky high schooler. Dorian discovers the reason he doesn’t fit in is that he is gay! With his discovery he finds some solace from another edgy gay friend Spooky but still feels he must remain in the closet. Finally he confides in Nicky who surprisingly listens to him and accepts him – just so long as Dorian doesn’t act out. But Dorian cant take it anymore and tells his dad who gets so angry that he asks Dorian to leave house. Frustrated, Dorian leaves for New York for college while Nicky wins a sports scholarship to another college. In New York Dorian finds the gay life, feels ‘normal’ at last, falls in love, confronts rejection and the games people play, and then lives a despondent life until Nicky visits him: Nicky has lost his scholarship. The two brothers make the rounds of Dorian’s milieu until they receive a phone call that their father has died. Returning home Dorian must still face his anger at his father, though dead, and it is this anger that his mother (far more sensitive than Dorian ever knew) confronts Dorian and the message of the movie is completed in a very realistic and understanding way. Life’s philosophy is not wholly bound to one’s sexual preferences. I did not see the end coming up but it all made sense when they showed how similar Dorian was to his dad.

Performance wise everyone was fine. The film could have been more crisp. NIcky was very good looking. Dorian acted a frustrated guy very well. All supporting characters were ok.

You can see it. It wont bore you. (6/10)

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