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Dead Boys Don’t Scream

I don’t know how and why am I watching all these dumb and stupid movies one after the other. This film is another example of how the makers are confused whether to make porn, horror or maybe comedy.

3 hot male models work for an agency. One day one of the model’s friend Callie come sin town and the others have fun with Callie. First she enjoys but after a while she thinks she is being raped. Here starts the series of murders. First the male models. photographer, assistant, poodle boys (crazy models) everyone. Its hilarious the way the have filmed every scene. It seems bad, amateurish, really poor acting. Story wise as well there is nothing. ONly good thing is lots n lots n lots of male nudity. If you remove all those good for nothing photo shoot scenes which just go and on, this movie could have been done in 25 minutes. Although it still would have been as terrible as it is now.

This movie is really a joke and nothing else. (2/10)

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