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Chuck & Buck

I expected something more when I read the preview but I have to admit that it has been one of the most boring experiences. The concept of he movie was good and it could have been made in a beautiful movie but the one that I saw just did not do it for me.

Chuck and Buck were best friends when they were young. Chuck grew up, and Buck didn’t. When his mother dies, Buck invites Chuck (Charlie now) to the funeral. He wants to be Chuck’s best friend again, but Charlie is busy working and preparing for his wedding. Since Buck has not grown up and after his mother has dies, he looks forward to being with Chuck again. But since Buck has not mentally grown up, he doesn’t realize when he is crossing the line. Like the time he says to Chuck, ‘Chuck and Buck, Suck and fuck’ , Chuck gets very surprised and looses it and asks him to go away. Buck moves to Los Angeles and tries to revive the old friendship. He tries tooo hard even to the extent of telling Chuck’s fiance that they used to play sexually when they ere kids which she dismisses off saying every kid does. He finally writes a play, and hires Beverly to direct it to depict his and Chuck’s life. Chuck completely hates it. Ultimately he understands that Buck wants affection. He asks Buck to leave him forever. Buck agrees but on condition that Chuck will sleep with him one night. They do it and they then show that Buck has realized Chuck is not meant or him and he lets Chuck and his now wife live together happily.

The concept was good but I think it could have been handled better. Many people liked the movie but Idid not simply because of the execution. I think even the acting was bad. Either they shold have explained the mental state of Buck more clearly so we know why he is doing what he is doing.

Overall a bad experience. Watch at your own risk. (3/10)

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