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Breaking The Cycle

The question haunts me why was this movie made? What was the intention behind this? Was it a soft porn but it cannot be that since the underlying message was that of finding true love.

Story is simple. Jason and Chad are room mates and have hots for each other. But both think that the other person probably would not be interested so they keep their interaction at friendly level. Jason in hooked on to internet chat and hooks up with guys often. On the other Chad thinks that internet is lame and its all about finding true love and right person. On insisting on one of the friends’, Chad also tries internet chat room and incidentally ends up chatting to the screen name of Jason. They end up talking about love, affection etc. Finally wen they find out they become lovers.

A pretty lame story. Bad acting, bad directory, purposeless story. The only good thing is soft porn sex scenes between Jason and his hook ups.

Don’t waste your time. Can definitely be missed. (2.5/10)

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