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Breakfast with Scott (Canada)

After a few disastrous movies, this movie was nice to see. There is nothing pathbreaking in the film but it was definitely not a film which is difficult to walk through. Agreed it was a little predictable but it was still fun.

Sam and Eric are in a committed relationship. Eric a former ice hockey player now works or TV after he got injured 5 years ago. One day they find that they have to take care of a boy named Scot. Scot is son of Julie who was Billy’s girlfriend. Billy is Sam’s brother. As per Julie’s last wish, Billy is supposed to take care of Scot but since he is in Brazil, Eric and Sam are held responsible for taking care of the kid. The kid is introduced and everything about him is gay. His clothes, interests, mannerisms and everything. Since Sam is busy at work, its upto Eric to take care of him and hang out with him most of the time. This is when we see how the relationship between Scot and Eric develop. How Eric being a celebrity goes through when people see him with a sissy boy. Eric decided to turn things around. He realizes that Scot is very good at skating. He tries to generate interest in him for hockey and he does that pretty good. Like all predictable movies, Billy comes back to take Scot but by then Eric and Sam have developed feelings. Even Scot now wants to stay with these guys and with so many turn of events, he is now a grown up boy.

The characters acted good but nothing about them was gay. The chemistry between Sam and Eric was lacking. They could have been just 2 room mates living together. I guess that was because Eric is not supposed to be out at work but then the question is how could he live in a committed relationship? In any case, the movie overall was decent watch. Nothing great but not boring either. It had its moments.

You an watch it. Its a good non boring time pass. (6/10)

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