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I am so glad I saw this movie. There are some movies which just touch your heart. It can have various reasons. The fact that I got emotionally attached with the movie made me like it.

Logan is selling his house after his wife Adrienne dies in a car accident. Gil is the guy who comes looking for the house and immediately buys it. Both Logan and Gil have this unexplained attraction for each other. They become good friends. Slowly Logan realizes that he is getting both emotionally and physically attracted towards Gil and Gil feels the same. Since none of them is gay, they are both surprised and dont know why this is happening but they give in. We later find that there are mystery elements involved. Apparently the day Adrienne died, Gil had a near death experience and now he feels her presence inside her. Logan and Gil are confused now because it is hard to explain whether this attraction is between Adrienne and Logan or between Gil and Logan. In all this confusion, Gil’s past comes back to haunt him and he gets shot. In hospital he technically dies and comes back to life (which for viewers it means that Adrienne i snow out of Gil’s body). I like the end now when Logan and Gil introduce each other and decide to start all over again.

The move was slow but for me at the places there was some connection between me and the movie. After a long time I felt this way for a movie. Acting was good by the lead characters. Their confusion around why is this happening came around very well. There are some side stories regarding Adrienne’s brother but they are just there.

It touched me and I would recommend it. (7.5/10)

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