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Amnesia: The James Brighton Enigma (Canada – French/English)

There are 2 important words in the film title ‘amnesia’ and ‘enigma’ and so rightly because while watching the movie, a viewer is in state of confusion between facts and fiction, the imitation of real life story to on screen story. Inspired by a true incident, this film adds on more substance and build s a fine film around it.

One morning a young nude lad is found in a deserted lot in Montreal. He is taken to the hospital by the cops where they find that he is total amnesiac and doesn’t remember anything about his previous life except the fact that he is gay and believes that his name is James Brighton. He builds a very close bond with the lady doctor treating him. They together with the help of gay hotline try and search for his identity but with no luck. He starts living with a gay guy trying to be normal but of course frustrated with the fact that he cannot remember anything. The viewer is left confused as to whether James is really amnesiac or hiding something. One day police finds out that he is actually Matthew Honeycutt and he actually was running from his family in US. His mom comes and picks him up and James tries to bring his life back to normal and thats how the film ends. Apparently in real life, the guy still hasn’t got back his memory. The movie moves forward through the eyes of Sylvie, a criminology student, who finds James Brighton story very good for thesis. The movie shows why James think who he is and what actually happened but like I mentioned earlier , since all that is shown through dreams and nightmares that James gets, you really don’t know if that was all imagination or that really was the actual reason.

Acting wise it was a great job done by the main character. He acted and portrayed his emotions so well. You as a viewer feel for him and don’t even want to imagine yourself in his shoes. Few scenes go back n forth in past and present that sometimes, its difficult to keep track and the movie gets a little difficult.

Definitely worth seeing for a different story and treatment. (6/10)

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