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All The Rage

A thought provoking interesting insight into the mindsets of people who are young, handsome, smart, rich, everyone wants them but they lack substance and love in their life. Gliding through life, celebrating himself as the 90’s gay playboy ideal, without ever realizing what a mess he’s become forms the crux of Christopher’s life.

Christopher is a successful rich smart 31 year old handsome lad. He is gorgeous, clever and everyone in Boston wants him. But he just likes to play with everyone, one night stands, exchange numbers and never return back their calls. He is good friends with Larry, a gay co worker and Susan, a black woman who herself is looking for her Mr. Right. A day comes when Christopher meets Stewart and gets attracted to him. What’s surprising is that Steward is ok looking, does not go to the gym, a shy guy but real nice and sweet. Christopher starts falling for him very unexpectedly and all his friends are surprised. Things are going fine between them, but once in a while Christopher craves for another body. He has not overcome completely a lust of another male flesh even though he loves Stewart. Finally Christopher gives up and ends up cheating Stewart with his room mate, whom Larry and him used to call Donkey Dick from the gym. Stewart is hut and goes away. Christopher tries to go back to his old ways but realizes that no one wants him and he is slowly losing his mind. The narrative is filled with Christopher’s confessions beautifully shown in black and white which try to give insight into what he had been thinking all this while. The movie tries to depict that everyone is prone to pain. Just because someone is rich and wealthy and has money does not mean he is devoid of pain. You can play with everyone’s feelings but a day will come when someone will play with your feelings.

The film had decent performances by everyone. There is couple who is trying to work on their relationship is also pretty neat. Susan’s quest for her guy has not been created very well. What I did not understand was why was Larry so upset when Christopher was getting involved with Stewart. But apart from these questions, I quite liked the movie.

I would suggest watching this just to see that everyone can get hurt. No one’s perfect. (6.5/10)

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