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A Very Serious Person

A different movie which does not really deal with the coming out theme. Yes, the characters in the movie happen to be gay but the movie is about relationships, growing up, love and respect for each other and just trying to lead a normal life. Its different from our usual run of the mill gay movies and still gives you an impression that you are not dissatisfied after watching the movie.

Mrs Aronson is a terminally ill old woman who invites her 13 year old grandson Gil to spend the summer with her. She is famous for being difficult with in house nurses except her caretaker Betty. We are introduced to Gil as a young teenager obsessed with old musical movies, slightly feminine, write grand stories about great actresses and refuses to do any outdoor activities. In comes a Danish gay male nurse Jan who admits to being avery serious person. He is very obsessive compulsive in taking care of Mrs Aronson. He copes up with a clustered Betty and does not pay any attention to Gil’s activities. Slowly they start befriending each other. Jan in his own amusing way tries to teach Gil swimming. They also make friends with a neighboring stylists Glenda and Lee. The growing relationship between Gil and Jan forms the crux of the story. No such importance is being given to them being gay. Gil at one point says that he is gay as if it is the most normal thing. Ultimately the time comes and the grandma dies. The movie focusses on how during this summer Gil has become more mature and goes to live with his aunt whom his grandma had chosen. Also we are subjected to Jan’s vulnerability who wants to take Gil with him as his son since he has grown a certain fondness for him.

Performances in this movie are good and very touching. Certain scenes between Gil and the grandma are very nice specially the ones where Gil tries to put up a skit and the other one where grandma dies.

Watch it for something different and meaningful you wont be disappointed. (6.5/10)

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