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A Very Natural Thing

From the looks etc of the film, it would not be wrong to say that this movie must have been among the first ones to come out depicting gay life style and culture and gay sexual liberation. The movie is set in 70’s and it is very interesting to see the way people dressed, cars they drove, their lifestyle and many more things.

David is a teacher who was an ex-monk. He meets a hot guy Mark in a club one night and they hook up. They start going out and have a good time. David is this guy who has all these romantic notions about all relationships while Mark is the guy who just wants to live in moment and enjoy all these moments with David. Its evident they both like each other and enjoy each other a lot. Soon David moves in with Mark. Things are all fine until slowly the differences with respect to expectations from the relationship stat to come in. Mark is younger and is somehow prone to commitment. He wants to explore other sexual encounters. David tries to keep with Mark because he loves him but then things slowly just keep getting worse and one day tired of all this David walks out heartbroken. David and Mark meet again but its very clear that all Mark wants is sex but David can’t have anything that doesn’t have a meaning attached to it. They grow apart for good. Later at the NY gay parade David meets a guy Jason and they hook up and start enjoying each other’s company. They spend weekends together and hang out, till one day when Jason asks David to live in together. This time David refuses because he does not want to do the same mistake that happened with Mark earlier. They talk and David asks Jason to just enjoy, live in moment, be committed to each other because living together only complicates the situation. Towards the end, its shown that the two guys are just having a wonderful time at beach without thinking too much about what the future has in store for them. Just enjoy their present. And thats the scene in movie poster.

There are 2 ways to look at this movie depending on what our personal perspective is. From David’s point of view who wants to do every single thing with his partner and looks for that ideal romantic life which probably exists only in books or from Mark’s point of view who wants to be committed but is afraid because he wants to explore more options. I can at some point relate to both and feel what they individually felt.

For me the movie was ok. It did not stand for one particular point. A regular fare (5/10)

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