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À toute vitesse (French) [Full Speed]

This film explores relationships in a non linear way through its 4 main characters with friendship, love and sexuality.Based in France, it honestly did not do much for me but was still interesting. I would have loved some more clarified justifications for some of the behaviors.

Samir, a French Arab witnesses the accidental death of the man he loves. Feeling lonely and outsider he moves to a small town in France and encounters a young novelist Quentin celebrating the publication of his first novel with his best friend Jimmy and his girlfriend Julie in a dance bar. Samir and Quentin make eye contact and soon a brief assignation outside the club leads to a kiss that the vulnerable Samir views as a sign of love but that Quentin views as strange but as possible content for his next novel. Quentin loves Julie, Julie loves Quentin, but has an eye on Quentin’s best friend Jimmy, a lad faithful to his friendship with Quentin. Samir, longing for a physical relationship and Quentin refusing but gathering information for his novel spent lot of time together. But soon Quentin has enough of Samir and he tells him never to meet him again. Quentin departs for Paris to write, Jimmy and Julie begin a lusty affair, and Samir feels again deserted by a lover. Quentin returns from Paris to discover Julie has found love with Jimmy and while Samir’s obsession with Quentin races at the new availability of Quentin as a partner, Quentin is disgusted and returns to his career as a writer in Paris and the story comes to a protracted ending with a series of sad incidents like Jimmy’s death. Quentin, the core of each of the love stories remains aloof, dedicated to his growing fame as a writer.

The stories are bound with gender love, homophobia, human frailty and need. The film is more like short stories and loves of various people thrown and woven together.

Not a highly recommended but still a good watch. (5.5/10)

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