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20 centímetros (Spanish / French)

First time I heard about this movie was from a friend, so my expectations were high. This movie turned out to be good but not great shakes by any means. I have definitely seen better movies. Plus I guess this is not what my cup of tea is.

Marieta is a transvestite who is beautiful, dresses as a woman, has breast implants, is on painful steroid injections, but still retains the 20 centimeter penis that prevents her from becoming the totally feminine woman she desires. She works as a hooker on street but she has a heart of gold. She suffers from narcolepsy because of which she ends up sleeping just about anywhere. It is during these times that she dreams of these elaborate musicals where she is the start colorfully dressed singing and dancing with hundreds of other people. She is trying to save all the money that she can for her surgery to get her 20 centimeter removed. She shares an apartment with a dwarf Tomás, cares a lot for her friend and neighbor Berta and her son. Marieta yearns for love and when she notices on Raul she feels she is in love, especially when Raul returns her attention. LIttle does she realize that Raul like her because she has a 20 centimeter penis and he can get fucked with it. How Marieta comes to grips with her focal surgical dream versus her chance for love is the tender way the film concludes.

Marieta’s acing was superb. All the music numbers are shot very beautifully and with great dances. Raul was HOT! HOT! HOT!. This is one guy who is totally one of my closest friend would die for. I also like Tomas’ character. Overall I think the movie was decent and funny in parts.

If you are into musicals, then this is a must watch for you, otherwise it is ok. (5.5/10)

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