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Vier Fenster (German) [Four Windows]

I am still confused whether I liked or not liked the movie. It was a good concept. Even the acting was not bad. The execution was very very different and at some places the film just dragged on and on. I am usually open to new ways of film making but this one was a little too different.

The story is about a family and on day in particular in their lives and how they are not what their family thinks. The son has to appear for an exam which he does not. Instead he wanders around after meeting his friends and ends up going to some sex booth where he encounters some guy. The guy seduces the son but eventually leaves him high and dry. This frustrates the son and this is his story. Then we see how the father (a cop) is sitting at the train station talking to his daughter. Next he helps a woman with her luggage to her apartment and they try and start seducing but mid way the father just gives up and leaves. The audience in the meantime is very confused. The story of the mother is that of a very sexually frustrated woman. She tries to seduce janitor of their building and is fighting hr own battles. The daughter meanwhile has something else totally different going on. She is frustrated for something and asks all old men in the train to fuck her and beat her. The family unites for diner at a restaurant to celebrate the son’s exam which they dont even know he has taken. The mother tell everyone that the daughter is pregnant and their toast. Her boyfriend is also there. But the daughter is very sad. y subtle hints, we realize that the girl was pregnated by the father. In the end hey jut show how her boyfriend calls her and tells her how much he loves her and hence the story of the family is done.

The performances were ok but I dont understand the whole point behind the movie. Understood that it was a slice of life of chaacters of a family but there still has to be some point in the end which was just not there in the film. The film’s execution was very confusing and to an extent boring. My friend who went with me did not understand the movie at all. So that sums it up all.

It was ok for me but I would not watch it again. (3.5/10)

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