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The Young The Gay and The Restless

Not until I read a couple of reviews online did I realize that this movie was supposed to b a spoof on how the daily soaps are directed with sudden breaks, quick scenes between characters that flash on and off the screen, actors that are attractive despite being unable to demonstrate even the basics of the art of acting; situations over the top just to keep the plot from sinking into the absurd.

The story of the film is simple. Millionaire victoria Gaylord is celebrating her 10th anniversary with Francis Gaylord. She is throwing a big party but is at the same time struggling with her illness. She faints at the party which is later cancelled. Francis calls Dr Bender who starts arguing to him about her best interestes. Victoria’s adopted daughter Cynthia comes in to visit with her homophobic husband Philip, who all he does is work out in the gym. Philip does not want to go because he does not want to get hit on by Nicholas, Cynthia’s brother. Victoria has had strained relationship with her mom for a while. Victoria has another adopted son Josh who is having an affair with Victoria. Meanwhile there is also the housekeep Andrew, a flirty gay boy who is dealing with his ex, a couple of new prospects and a Asian girl who wants to be Andrew’s first ‘try it once’ woman. Last we see nurse Jones coming in, a black girl who was abandoned by Victoria 15 years ago because she was jealous of her. Victoria has had affair with the doctor and so has Jones. Jones shoots Victoria and Philip in turn shoots Jones. Nicholas meanwhile is trying to understand why Philip is homophobic and later finds out that he was molested when he was young by Philip. Turns out Philip also molested Nicholas and Josh as well. Philip in the end turns up having sex with Nichlas. Eventually everyone is after Victoria’s money. Film ends with Dr putting Victoria’s brian in Jones body and family members getting a shock.

Plot sounds complicated but it was not. It seemed everyone was having affair with everyone and was being molested. It was the weirdest family relation. Performance wise I think everyone was supposed to be over the top which believe me they were right on it. You would be like ‘What the hell is going on?’ Victoria was most dramatic. I am still not sure whether her character was supposed to be that of a tranny or not! The boys were good looking to hot. The direction was dramatic. I was wondering at times if this was supposed to be spoof. If yes, then on what. I only found out later.

SOme spoofs fall flat. You dont laugh at all but you dont get bored either. (4.5/10)

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