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The Lost Coast

The same thing happens so many times. The film’s synopsis makes you so excited about the film that after when you have actually seen the film, its nothing but a major disappointment.

This film is a story of high school friends, Mark, Jasper, and Lily, who reunite one Halloween for a night of good cheer. Memories of an unspoken sexual past between the two boys come back to haunt them as night turns to day and each must confront his or her own fears and beliefs. What may have been typical teen experimentation at the time is now an obstacle to continued friendship. They are joined by Mark’s friend Caleb. Jasper is a quiet guy and we are watching the film through his perspective where he is writing a letter to his fiance about what happened the halloween night. So when they have had enough of the maddening crowd, they try to walk to less secluded place where they could go to some house party or something. Mark has strong feelings for Jasper because a year ago him and Jasper had made out and they have a sexual history behind them. Delivering deep, understated performances, the ensemble cast brings the inner lives of each character to the surface. They end up walking all night ending up on a beach. Their inner conflicts play with themselves and hidden truths come out. $ individuals trying to find their own identity in the world. Frustrated Jeremy sensing all the sexual tension give Mark a jerk off and just leaves disgusted in the end.

It was weird film. I did not understand the whole point of the film. The chemistry or relationship between the 2 friends was never completely justified. I was very lost and bored in the film. I have nothing more to say.

I am not going to watch this film again. (3/10)

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