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The Houseboy

From the previews that I read, this one seemed to be an interesting film, but somehow I was not able to identify with the film. At the end of the film, the question that I had in my mind was what was the exact story that the director was wanting to tell. Somehow I think thats where the director missed the pulse of the audience.

Ricky is a houseboy with a couple Simon and DJ. Its been a year since he has been with the couple. The couple leaves for Christmas to visit their family and Ricky is left alone. We soon realize that Ricky is very alone in his life. Ever since he came out to his mom, his family does not want to have anything to do with him. Its christmas week , with celebrations all over and Rick is all alone. He decided to commit suicide and leave his body for Simon and Dj as a gift. During this period, he has a few sexual encounters with about 3-4 people. After sex, he asks everyone of them that would they care or do anything if they know that Ricky would commit suicide on christmas eve. Everyone just snugs him away saying that he is a psycho. One day he meets Blake , son of a lesbian couple and they end up talking to each other. They meet once more after that. Rick is about to take his life on Christmas eve, but decides against it. Blake visits him with food saying that there is no way he will leave his friend alone on christmas eve. One of Ricky’s hookup also turns up to check up on him. Ricky realizes that killing himself is not a solution. He will someday find someone who will love him for what he is.

The story is simple but it was stretched a bit. All Ricky’s sexual encounters were with hot men. They all had a character sketch and were somehow connected to plot. There was a lot of nudity and titillating sex and gorgeous male bodies. Ricky acted well but there was soul missing in the film, at least for me. The only lesson that I got was that suicide is not the solution to everything.

Very strictly, just an ok film. (4.5/10)

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