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Six Degrees of Separation

This movie started off as an interesting movie but somewhere along it lost steam. There were so many unanswered questions, that I lost grip on the film after a certain time. Top of it, except the fact that Paul , the main guy gay, there was nothing else remotely close to being gay or anything for this movie. SO my review is going to be very short.

Paul wants to be rich and famous. In Ny art dealers Mr and Mrs Kittredge get a visit from Paul who claims to be their kids friend from school. He charms them with his mannerisms and everything. The next morning they find him having sex with a guy and they throw him out. Nothing from the house is stolen or taken. hats where they start telling the story to various people in the process finding out some hidden truths about him and how he was doing all this so hat he could just be known and recognized in the high society circle. For me personally they dont even explain why this film was called this because they never give any justification.

Wonderful performances by everyone was the only saving grace of the film. If they tried to keep the narrative simple, I probably would have liked it but like I said, somewhere down the line, the film lost my interest.

Watch it only for performances and something different. (5.5/10)

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