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Reine Geschmacksache (German) [Fashion Victims]

A comic flare in the movies is always welcome. But sometimes title of the film gets misleading. You might expect something totally different after reading the title of the movie, but you dont get it. That does not mean the film does not deliver. Its gives you more than what you expected. Its funny, its lovable, its something you can identify with.

Wolfgang is a 50 something salesman who’s is arrogant, self absorbed, humorless and very inattentive and insensitive to his wife Erika and his son Karsten. When he’s caught driving with a suspended license, Wolfgang abruptly cancels the planned study-abroad trip Karsten had saved for, demanding the boy instead spend the next weeks chauffeuring him around to his appointments as a women’s clothing sales rep. The clothes he sells are suddenly being edged out by cheap and more fashionable clothes being sold by a rival salesman, Steven. By sheer coincidence, Karsten and Steve meet and sparks fly with both unknown of their relation with Wolfgang. Erika meanwhile is tired of her husband’s male bashing and considers filing for divorce after discussing with her friend Miss Brigitta. All this while, we are told that, Wolfgang is under major financial crisis, they are almost broke but he does not tell anyone. He decimates his son’s college fund, calls Erika a “stupid cow”, insults his own customers’ looks when they start buying Steven’s wears maybe some of “Fashion Victims” are almost too cruel to be funny. Identities are revealed and after initial friction, things seem to settle, when Steven ultimately moves out of the picture and the family reunites.

Scenes between Steven and Karsten are sexy and erotic to a certain extent. Wolfgang is funny and the whole way he handles his customer in frustration is handled very well. There is no over-drama and the whole reunion is very poignant and simple Characters are very identifiable with and you are really looking forward to whats next. I thought performance by everyone was very cute. Steven was damn sexy. Miss Brigitta was funny too.

Overall , a very enjoyable fun movie. Must watch. (7.5/10)

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