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No One Sleeps

So I see a gay movie after such along time and boy was it a disappointment. I keep asking this question again and again. Why do people make movies, wen they clearly know that its not going to work.

A serial killer is haunting the gay bars of the city and is killing HIV positive young men. He paints the bodies of each of his victims with a red cross. A young gay East German medical student, Stefan arrives in the city for a medical congress and is following the trail of his dead father,who was investigating whether the HIV virus was an incremental result of secret human experiments that were conducted in US prisons in the seventies. Secret lists involving these biological experiments are rumored to have surfaced in San Francisco. Stefan begins to neglect his work and is drawn into San Francisco’s gay club scene. More than once, Stefan crosses the serial killer’s trail and he comes to the attention of Homicide Detective Louise Tolliver, the SFPD officer in charge of the investigation. The tough woman detective brings Stefan in for an interview. Duirng his cruising in clubs he becomes involved with the enigmatic Jeffrey who fits vague descriptions of the murderer. Its soon apparent that Jeffrey has been infected for year with HIV. Jeffrey doesn’t believe in the signs of Stefan’s feelings for him. Stefan wants to win Jeffrey’s trust and affection, but to achieve that, he has to free Jeffrey from his own gay self-hatred. Detective Louise Tolliver seeks further contact with Stefan in order to open up new avenues in the case. Stefan blocks her out of distrust. Another murder is committed, and the trail of the victim leads to the neurologist Dr. Burroughs who has also treated Jeffrey in the past. Stefan’s suspicion falls again on Jeffrey, who again pushes Stefan away. Then Stefan discovers that Burroughs is probably in possession of the secret government lists, and that Burrough’s influence is by no means confined to San Francisco. But by this time Stefan is the hunted, just as Louise Tolliver begins to focus her investigation on him. Stefan senses the solution is near, but he knows that he can conquer the endless ritual of destroying and being destroyed only if he confronts heads-on the greatest dangers: Jeffrey, Burroughs, and his own darkest side.

Very abrupt acting and editing. The movie just keeps moving form one point to another leaving the viewer completely confused. To sum it up, this movie is BORING. (1/10)

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