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My Last Ten Hours With You (Australia) (Short Film)

Another short feature and another impressive direction. Although I might not totally buy into the concept.

Mark And Jeremy are a couple. Mark is soon moving to US from Australia and they have just 10 more hour to send with each other and then quite possibly break up for life. The film shows heir interaction in their hot apartment, time spent with friends, trying to please each other by having sex, doing crazy things. Jeremy is very upset that Mark is leaving him and Mark is upset by antics that Jeremy is playing to amuse him. Soon its time for Mark to go. But within these 10 hours itself things have change so much that they probably would have broken up anyways.

See the story does not make too much sense. It was all about interaction between a couple before they part their way. This was just one another facet of the society. I applaud director but I dont agree with the whole thing. Little more description and characterization would have helped.

A decent watch. A new experiment. (4.5/10)

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