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Liebe in Gedanken (Germany) [Love In Thoughts]

The movie started off very interesting. Very different, beautiful scenery and it seemed to be presenting something different. But then at some point it lost my interest just like that. The only one reason that I can think of is hat the film was slow paced. Furthermore all the characters were kind of grey and their character was not build properly.

The film starts with Paul being questioned about their suicide club where everyone died except him and the film goes in flashback. Paul and Gunther are best friends. Gunther is gay and Paul is virgin. They know it but still are close. Gunther invites Paul to spend the weekend at his parents house outside Berlin hoping Paul to introduce to his sister Hilde. Hilde is a free spirit who believes that it’s ok for a woman to have several lovers at once but she’s never looked at Paul that way. She is much more fascinated with Hans a boy from a much lower class who works in the kitchen of a restaurant/dance club that she and Günther frequent. Problem is Günther is also in love with Hans. Hans and gunther have some history which is not clearly explained. Paul is completely smitten by Hilde but fails to understand her behavior. They have a huge arty on the weekend at the house and Hans also ends up their. Their begins Hilde’s and Gunther’ quest for who can charm Hans. Somewhere along this, Gunther and Paul decide to make a suicide club based on the idea that we can be really happy only once in our lives and afterwards we’re punished for that one moment of immense happiness by having the bitter memory of it. They decide that once this moment is over, they should kill themselves and the person who took them their happiness/love away, as well, before they feel miserable. So since Gunther is unable to win Hans and he sees him with his sister, he kills him and himself.

Apart from the fact that Gunther is gay , there is nothing else. I failed to understand what the director was trying to say with this movie. One thing is for sure, people who like o watch artistic and poetic cinema will leap up this movie but for others it can turn out to be a sore thumb. There was no unnecessary sex or nudity which was great. The cast acted well. I can’t decide whether I liked it or hated it. I guess somewhere in between.

Recommended only for serious poetic cinema lovers. (5/10)

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